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UK Driving Theory Test Questions Practice Online

UK Driving Theory Test Questions

UK Driving Theory Test (DTT)

647 Questions
UK Driving Theory Test (DTT)

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UK Driving Theory Test Format
Learners will need to answer at least 43 correctly among the 50 questions within 57 minutes in order to pass.

Total Questions : 50
Time Allocated : 57 minutes
Passing Score : at least 43 correct

Note: since 3 September 2007, MCQ (multiple choice questions) for car driving theory test and motorcycle test has increased from 35 to 50,

UK Driving Theory Exam Objectives
To ensure learners having a solid and sound knowledge of road signs, traffic signals of the highway code in United Kingdom;

Increase awareness of safety rules and regulations in UK before learners really start driving on the road.

Latest News @ukdrivingtheory Abt Driving Theory Exam Online Practice

1. Driving Theory Test Online Simulation - 20 Mar 11  

A simulation test engine is available now, the timer will start to tick as soon as you start to practice the driving theory exam online.

When the time is up, the system will automatically submit all the answers you have made and generate a report for you.

Hopefully you will have a better idea of how much time is left while practicing the theory exam online.

2. UK Highway Code Signs and Signals - 01 Mar 11  

A new section has been added to this UK Driving Theory Test Online Web Portal - the Highway code road signs and signals.

The section consists of information about the following topics:
Information Signs
Traffic Lights
Road Markings
Road Works Signs
Hand/Arm Signals
Traffic Signs That are Likely to be Missed

It aims helping user to get a quicker reference while study for the driving theory exams online.

3. Member, UK Driving Theory Questions and News - 12 Mar 10  

ukdrivingtheory.com has just been updated.

three columns have been added to the top of each page.

welcome newly registered members on the top right; a random question with traffic sign in the middle; and latest happenings about this current website on the top left.

we just hope to server you better when you are preparing for your UK Driving Theory Test.

4. More UK Driving Theory Questions in the Bank - 01 Mar 10  

More questions have been added and approved in this online uk driving theory practice engine.

So far there are 657 questions are available, and the question bank is still growing.

Thanks for those contributors!

5. Hazard Perception Practice - 25 Feb 10  

It is a new channel that has just been included in this system - Hazard Perception Online Practice.

For those who need to get more experience and more familiar with what could come out in the real Hazard Perception Test.

6. Harder driving theory test begins, learners required to answer more questions correctly to pass - 10 Jul 08  

Source From: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6975799.stm

A tougher theory section of the UK driving test has come into effect, with learners now required to answer more questions to gain a pass.
Candidates need to correctly answer 43 out of 50 multiple-choice questions on the Highway Code, compared with the old standard of 30 out of 35 questions.

The Driving Standards Agency said the expanded exam means learners will now be tested on a wider range of topics.

The change coincides with a rise in the cost of the test from £21.50 to £28.50.

The DSA has not enlarged the test syllabus but has introduced additional questions on existing areas.

Increasing the number of questions means that the test ensures comprehensive coverage

Jill Lewis
Driving Standards Agency

Quiz: Highway code

The questions will be taken from a pool of more than 1,000 - up from 900.

The theory test's percentage pass mark remains about the same at 86%.

Learner drivers need to pass the theory section before being allowed to go on to complete a practical test to gain their full licence.

The Driving Standards Agency said the increase in questions would help broaden knowledge and lead to higher standards.

"It is important that candidates prepare thoroughly for their theory tests in the same way they would any other exam," said Jill Lewis, DSA's head of lifelong learning.

"Increasing the number of questions means that the test ensures comprehensive coverage of the whole syllabus."

7. ukdrivingtheory.com launched - 01 Jul 08  

ukdrivingtheory.com aims to help those who need to take their driving theory exam and practical road driving test to get a driver's licence in Great Britain.

It will provide online driving theory testing services for those who need to learn, practice, evaluate or get a taste of how the real exam likes.

It will be a information exchange platform for those who need more information or advice before going for their theory exam or practical road driving test.

Do drop in your feedback or ideas that we could better serve the purpose.



United Kingdom (UK) driving theory test Questions, practice online with instant answers to the driving written test questions.

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